Sunday, September 11, 2011

How To Asses Law Enforcement Tactical Equipment

The decision to establish auxiliary or volunteer police forces to help prevent crime has proven to be effective in many countries. Crime prevention through deterrents not only reduces the loss of valuables and resources but avoids the unnecessary loss of life as well.

With the emergence of auxiliary police forces to help keep the peace, many tactical gear companies have come forward to provide law enforcement tactical equipment to make sure these personnel are fully equipped to carry out their duties.

These law enforcement gear consists of LED flashlights, vests, pouches, medical gear and backpacks among others. Needless to say, these law enforcement duty gear must be durable enough for long-term, everyday use. They must endure all sorts of conditions especially if they have to be used in demanding rescue situations like floods and landslides.

Stitching And Bonding

For gear such as backpacks, pouches and vest, its is important to always check the stitching. Make sure there are no loose threads sticking out anywhere. Check the stitching on both the inside and outside of the product.

For products which uses a no-thread bonding method, make sure the bonded area is bonded evenly with no air-bubbles or curls popping up. Air-bubbles and curls can compromise the quality of the seal and the strength of the product as a whole.

Snap Fits

You would also need to check the snap fit parts of the law enforcement tactical equipment. Snap fit parts are usually used to lock pocket flaps and straps. The snap fits should lock well and the materiel used should be sturdy enough to handle rough use.


Buttons are also used to lock flaps in place. Make sure buttons are sewed on securely to the fabric and lock well. Soft buttons make it easy for flaps to come open unintentionally.


An easy way to check Velcro fasteners is to simply fasten and unfasten them a few times. See if any loops can be found on the hooks. Loops should still retain its shape and not look bushy after a few unfastening attempts.


A good way to test zippers is to zip them up and then try to pull the two sections apart. It is virtually impossible to pull a quality zipper apart on good law enforcement gear. Also remember to check the zipper lock.


Flashlights are an important piece of gear for law enforces. They have to withstand drops and knocks and have to be weather resistant as well. Low quality flashlights tend to fog up in wet conditions compromising its illuminating ability. Some even have their lenses cracked after a few knocks.


If you are going to purchase law enforcement tactical equipment in bulk, make sure you a few samples out first. Some of the best quality law enforcement gear are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to its quality.